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Red Protective Soles for Christian Louboutin® Shoes

Do you love your Christian Louboutin® shoes so much you hate to wear them for fear of wearing the red finish off of the bottoms? The craftsmen at Cobbler’s Bench Shoe Repair have a solution for you.

There was a red protective sole on the market, but the color didn’t quite match the Louboutin bottoms (see the strip in the photo to the left). That won’t do for our high fashion customers who wear the shoes.

So we worked with Soletech, Inc. to develop red sole protectors to match Christian Louboutin® shoes. This thin, rubber, non-slip sole saver will keep those red soles looking red while providing more comfort and fashion. They can be applied to new or slightly worn shoes.

Sole protectors also come in black, brown, tan, white and nicotine colors, so any thin-soled shoe can be worn with confidence. Sole protectors prevent excessive toe wear while adding durability and comfort.

If you have questions about sole protectors, contact or bring your shoes to the location nearest you.

Our customers say …

Thank you for the awesome job putting the red rubber soles on my Louboutins! They look fantastic and the soles are a way better color match than what I had ordered from e-bay! Thank you again. I will be sending you any future pairs of CLs I buy to have the red soles put on!!
I got my shoes today and they look great! I’m going to send you my other four pairs!
I used to save the shoes for special evenings out, but now I can wear them anytime. The sole is thin enough that you do not see it from the sides, but it is strong enough that the wear is incredibly comfortable.
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